RegMed XB Team

Bernard Mulder, MD, MBA
General Director

Bernard Mulder, MD, MBA


Bernard Mulder has for more than two decades experience in the life sciences industry. He worked for Organon for 12 years, of which he spent 10 years abroad in Asia, Europe and the USA. He held several medical, marketing, sales and managerial positions in the different countries. After returning to the Netherlands, he worked as Global VP Marketing, Sales and Business Development for Avantium Pharma. In 2011, Bernard co-founded Eagle Rock Life Sciences to support life sciences enterprises from early start-ups to mature companies (hands-on) and also invested in start-ups. Most recently, he worked for Boehringer Ingelheim for the medical department. Bernard earned his medical degree at Leiden University and his MBA from New York Institute of Technology.

Prof. Dr. Frank P. Luyten
Medical Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. Frank P. Luyten


Frank P. Luyten, MD, PhD is board certified Rheumatologist, tenured full Professor and Head of the Division of Rheumatology at the University Hospitals Leuven; Director of the Skeletal Biology & Engineering Research Center, KU Leuven and of Prometheus, the Tissue Engineering Division at the KU Leuven. He obtained his MD, PhD degree and Board Certification in Rheumatology at the University of Ghent, Belgium. He spent his Postdoctoral Training at the National Institute of Dental Research, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA. He became subsequently group leader of the Developmental Biology Unit at the Bone Research Branch, NIDR, NIH, Bethesda, USA. Frank Luyten is also founder, scientific and medical advisor of TiGenix, a Biotech spin-off of the Universities of Leuven and Ghent. He serves as advisor and board member of several biotech companies in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

Prof. Dr. Marianne van der Steen
New Business Development Director

Prof. Dr. Marianne van der Steen


Marianne van der Steen is Professor of Entrepreneurship in Healthcare at the Technology-inspired Institute of Regenerative Medicine (MERLN), Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University. She has been appointed director of RegMed XB and member of the board of governors of RegMed XB foundation. Marianne van der Steen received her PhD degree in 1999 from Twente University. Her research focus is on biomedical entrepreneurship, specifically on the scaling-up of ventures. At MERLN, she is responsible for biomedical entrepreneurship valorization, training and education from the lab to a spin-off company.

In addition, she is the founding director of executive life sciences entrepreneurship programs such as the Global Investor Forum, the Global Scale-up Program and the executive Master MBI Life Sciences & Health (currently member of the advisory board). Since 2006, she has been involved in life sciences start-ups, served in early stage start-up investor boards and national and international advisory boards related to entrepreneurship and valorization in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States.

CFO ad interim
CFO ad interim

John Stooker, RA


John Stooker studied economics in Amsterdam and graduated certified public auditor at the university of Tilburg. He currently acts as CFO ad interim within RegMed.

Project Manager: Dr. Tom Mastenbroek
Program Manager

Dr. Tom Mastenbroek


Tom Mastenbroek is the Project Manager for RegMedXB. He studied biology at the University of Wageningen and during his master’s education he specialized in cellular differentiation and immunology. In 2016, he obtained his Ph.D. in the field of vascular biology, vessel wall remodelling and thrombosis & haemostasis at Maastricht University under the guidance of Dr. Judith Cosemans and Prof. Johan Heemskerk. In his thesis, he showed for the first time the potential of blood platelets to degrade extracellular matrix and the involvement of platelets in pathological remodelling of the vessel wall after an atherothrombotic event. This concept was further exploited during his PostDoc where he identified novel ways of inhibiting platelet dependent growth factor secretion aiming to block pathological vascular remodelling.

Project Leader: Lena Wijnen, MSc.
Project Leader

Lena Wijnen, MSc.


Lena Wijnen is a Project Leader at RegMedXB. She obtained a research master in Epidemiology at the University of Utrecht and a master in Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management at the university of Maastricht. She gained experience with different academic research topics during various internships in the Netherlands and abroad.

Project Leader: Brenda Ferrer-Bermudez
Project Leader

Brenda Ferrer-Bermudez


Brenda Ferrer is a Project Leader at RegMedXB. She graduated from the Faculty of Communication at the University of Havana and continued her studies as an international affairs specialist for the Cuban Ministry of International Relations. She has office & project management experience working in different industries: news media, international organizations, tourism and TV distribution.

Office Manager: Angelique Louwen
Office Manager

Angelique Louwen

Angelique Louwen is the Office Manager for RegMed XB. With her secretary’s degree, she has had the opportunity to work as a management assistant/executive secretary in many different companies and she found that healthcare is very dear to her. At RegMed XB, she has the opportunity to work in this field again.

Project Manager: Dr. Bianca Beusink
Program Manager

Dr. Bianca Beusink


Bianca Beusink is a Project Manager for RegMed XB. After finishing her PhD in the field of multiplex SPR imaging at the University of Twente in the group of Albert van der Berg, she has worked at the EMBL in Heidelberg. The switch from academia to international sales at IBIS Technologies and PerkinElmer allowed her to grow into a team leader position at Bayer Medical Care B.V. before taking up her current position at RegMed XB.

Project Manager: Dr. Yvette Aldenhoff
Program Manager

Dr. Yvette Aldenhoff


Yvette Aldenhoff is a Project Manager for RegMedXB. She studied organic chemistry and obtained her PhD in the field of bloodcompatibilty of vascular biomedical polyurethanes at the Maastricht University. After her Phd she worked as a PostDoc at the centre for biomedical research focussing on the development of new biomedical materials. In 2008 she started working as general manager/quality manager for INterface BIOmaterials BV. This life science company developed a proprietary new product for the embolization of uterine fibroids. Furthermore, she was project coordinator of the public/private project KidneyPort which was aimed at developing new methods for detoxification of blood to open pathways to easier, safer, smaller and ultimately for a portable artificial kidney system.

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