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RegMed XB is proud to combine the Public and Private domain and believes that to really make a difference for chronically ill patients we need to switch from palliative care to producing cures. It is a high priority of the (inter)national and local governments to enhance the quality of life of its citizens, stimulate the (local) economies by creating new businesses and facilitate a new world-class ecosystem around the Regenerative Medicine (RM) industry. RegMed XB is backed by national and local governments to de-risk these promising concepts from academia to a proof of concept or first clinical trial level before other commercial partners take over and realize market introduction.

Flanders Department of Economy Science & Innovation

Flanders Department of Economy Science & Innovation

The department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) seeks to create the ideal mix between economy, science and innovation to bring Flanders to the top of European regions. It aims to achieve this through the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of policy. The established policy is carried out by the agencies, while the advisory councils provide competent advice.

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Municipality of Leiden

Municipality of Leiden

Together with residents, entrepreneurs, and other parties, the municipality of Leiden is making Leiden and the Leiden region an increasingly beautiful place.

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The Dutch Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector is one of nine “top sectors” in the Netherlands. The top sectors are designated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and are selected on their ability to contribute substantially to global societal challenges. Health~Holland is the Top Sector LSH's communication channel.

Top Sector LSH entails a broad scope of disciplines, from pharmaceuticals to medtech, from healthcare infrastructure to vaccination. In order to realize its mission: vital functioning citizens in a healthy economy, the Top Sector builds on the strengths of the Dutch LSH sector to address the biggest societal challenges in prevention, cure, and care: improving the quality of life (vitality) while restraining the costs of healthcare.

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Province of Limburg

Province of Limburg

Limburg is the most southern province in the Netherlands and its area covers 2,209km2. In 2018, Limburg had 1,117,198 inhabitants, which is roughly 6.5% of the Dutch population (Eurostat, 2019). Maastricht is the capital of Limburg, which had 121,565 inhabitants in 2019 (allecijfers.nl, 2019). Health care, trade, and logistics, high-tech manufacturing, and agriculture are relatively large sectors in Limburg. The current regional economic strategy of Limburg focuses on strengthening these regional top sectors. Since the province is located between the borders of Belgium and Germany, many activities in Limburg have a foreign outlook. To highlight the Research, Development & Innovation (TDI) profile of Limburg, important indicators that relate to R&D expenditures, high-tech employment, and tertiary education are used. For instance, in 2017, total R&D expenditures were approximately €733.8mln in Limburg, equalling roughly 5.2% of the total national R&D expenditures. In terms of high-tech employment, Limburg had approximately 14,400 employees working in one of these high-tech industries. Moving over to tertiary education, the percentage of people aged between 30 and 34 that completed some form of higher education was 44.4% in 2018, which is a slight increase compared to 2017 (42.8%). Nonetheless, it is still below the Dutch average (49.4%) (Eurostat, 2019)

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Province of Noord-Brabant

Province of Noord-Brabant

The Province of Noord-Brabant is the second largest province of the Netherlands (4913.38 km2, which is 14.6% of the total Dutch area). It is located in the south of the Netherlands. The number of inhabitants is 2,528,286, representing 14.7% of total Dutch population (Eurostat, 2019). Within the Netherlands, the region of Noord-Brabant is recognised as a powerful region in terms of R&D and innovation with a strong technological profile.
In order to highlight the Research, Development & Innovation (TDI) profile of Noord-Brabant, important indicators related to research & development (R&D), high-tech employment and tertiary education are used. For instance, in 2016, total R&D expenditures in Noord-Brabant were about €3bln, which is roughly 2.8% of its regional GDP. This is well above both the average Dutch (2%) and EU (2.04%) share of GDP. Compared to other regions in Europe, Noord-Brabant ranks as the 12th region of top R&D investors. Brainport Eindhoven is the most R&D intensive region of the Netherlands, which is primarily driven by R&D investments of the private sector.

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Province of Utrecht

Province of Utrecht

The Province of Utrecht is the smallest province of the Netherlands, located in the centre of the country with an area of 1,381.89 km2 and 1,295,484 inhabitants as of 2018 (Eurostat, 2019). Its capital city is Utrecht, which has 343,038 inhabitants. Because of its location, Utrecht is the centre of water, railway, and road infrastructure in the Netherlands and of pivotal importance for the economic functioning of the Netherlands. Utrecht also serves as a national meeting point for businesses and conferences. In order to highlight the Research, Development & Innovation (TDI) profile of Utrecht, important indicators related to research & development (R&D), high-tech employment and tertiary education are used. For instance, total R&D expenditures in Utrecht in 2016 were €1.4bln, which amounts to 9.9% of total national R&D expenditures. In 2018, 39,000 people were employed in high-technology sectors. Education levels are the highest in the country, with 60.1% of all people between 30 and 34 having completed some form of tertiary education (Netherlands: 49.4%). This is unsurprising, as Utrecht houses a number of knowledge institutions, such as the biggest university of the Netherlands, Utrecht University (UU), with the only faculty of veterinary medicine in the country, and the academic Utrecht Medical Centre (UMC). Utrecht University was ranked 49th in the Shanghai Ranking 2019, 120th in the QS World University Rankings 2020, and 75th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020. The UMC cooperates closely with the Technical University in Eindhoven to conduct state-of-the-art research in the field of health technology.

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Province of Zuid-Holland

Province of Zuid-Holland

Zuid-Holland is one of the most populous and industrialised areas in the world. It is located in the western part of the Netherlands. The area of Zuid-Holland is 2,805 km2 (8.3% of the total surface of the Netherlands), the seventh largest province of the Netherlands. The number of inhabitants is 3.681.044 (21.4% of the total population of the Netherlands), which makes Zuid-Holland the most populous province of the Netherlands. The region of The Hague stands out because it is the provincial capital, the King’s official place of residence as well as the seat of national government, and therefore the Dutch national political centre. In order to highlight the Research, Development & Innovation (TDI) profile of Zuid-Holland, important indicators related to research & development (R&D), high-tech employment and tertiary education are used. For instance, Zuid-Holland has a strong innovation potential because of its high business activity. The province is changing from a classic harbour area into a knowledge intensive area. The knowledge infrastructure and business services increasingly play a role in the development of innovation. Total R&D expenditures in 2016 were the highest of all provinces, totalling €3.1bln, which is 21.7% of total national R&D expenditures in the same year (Eurostat, 2019). However, province Noord-Brabant has been closing up on Zuid-Holland’s figure over the last years, spending a total of €3bln on R&D in 2016. The total number of people employed in high-technology sectors was 75,000 in 2018, which is again the highest of all provinces. The province has more scale-ups than any other region in the country, testifying to the attractive business climate in the region (Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship). The province is slightly above the national average (49.4%) when it comes to the number of people between 30 and 34 years old who completed some form of tertiary education, which is 49.8% of people in Zuid-Holland (Eurostat, 2019).

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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK)

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK)

The Ministry of EZK promotes the Netherlands as a country of enterprise with a strong international competitive position and an eye for sustainability. It is committed to creating an excellent entrepreneurial business climate, by creating the right conditions and giving entrepreneurs room to innovate and grow. By paying attention to nature and the living environment. By encouraging cooperation between research institutes and businesses. This is how EZK enhances the dutch leading positions in agriculture, industry, services and energy and invest in a powerful, sustainable country.

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Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW)

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science works to create a smart, skilled and creative environment in the Netherlands. Its mission is to ensure that everyone gets a good education and is prepared for responsibility and independence. The Ministry also wants people to enjoy the arts, and aims to create the right conditions for teachers, artists and researchers to do their work. Their mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, skilled and cultured country.

  • To ensure that everyone gets a good education
  • To ensure that everyone is prepared for personal independance and responsibility
  • To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience and enjoy culture
  • To ensure that teachers, artists and scientists are able to carry out their work
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Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS)

Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS)

“The Netherlands healthy and well”. This is the motto of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). The ambition of the Ministry of VWS is to keep everyone healthy as long as possible and to restore the sick to health as quickly as possible. The ministry also seeks to support people with a physical or mental limitation and promote social participation. The Ministry of VWS encourages people to adopt healthy lifestyles: to exercise more, to refrain from smoking, to use alcohol moderately, to practise safe sex and to eat healthily. People who have problems with their health should be able to call on their general practitioner, the hospital or other forms of health care on time. They are insured for this care and therefore have a right to health care. Together with health insurers, health care providers and patient organisations, the Ministry of VWS ensures that there are sufficient facilities and that people have sufficient choices.

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  • Diabetes FondsDiabetes Fonds
  • Leids Universitair Medisch CentrumLeids Universitair Medisch Centrum
  • Provincie UtrechtProvincie Utrecht
  • RijksoverheidRijksoverheid
  • Health HollandHealth Holland
  • Maastricht UMC+Maastricht UMC+
  • Provincie LimburgProvincie Limburg
  • TU/eTU/e
  • NierstichtingNierstichting
  • Provincie Noord-BrabantProvincie Noord-Brabant
  • Universiteit LeidenUniversiteit Leiden
  • LeidenLeiden
  • Stichting DONStichting DON
  • ReumaNederlandReumaNederland
  • Maastricht UniversityMaastricht University
  • UMC UtrechtUMC Utrecht
  • Utrecht UniversityUtrecht University
  • KU LeuvenKU Leuven
  • HartstichtingHartstichting
  • 300Microns300Microns
  • Access2boneAccess2bone
  • Chemelot InSciTeChemelot InSciTe
  • Cyto smartCyto smart
  • Dutch CardioVascular AllianceDutch CardioVascular Alliance
  • Flanders State of the ArtFlanders State of the Art
  • GalápagosGalápagos
  • HCM MedicalHCM Medical
  • Kuros BiosciencesKuros Biosciences
  • LifeTec GroupLifeTec Group
  • MateriomicsMateriomics
  • MimetasMimetas
  • Ministerie van Economische Zaken en KlimaatMinisterie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat
  • Ministerie van Onderwijs Cultuur en WetenschapMinisterie van Onderwijs Cultuur en Wetenschap
  • Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en SportMinisterie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport
  • NcardiaNcardia
  • Nestegg BiotechNestegg Biotech
  • NTrans TechnologiesNTrans Technologies
  • Ostheo PharmaOstheo Pharma
  • Provincie Zuid-HollandProvincie Zuid-Holland
  • ScinusScinus
  • Starfish InnovationsStarfish Innovations
  • StentitStentit
  • SupraPolixSupraPolix
  • veldlaserveldlaser
  • VisualsonicsVisualsonics
  • XeltisXeltis

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