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  • “Renal replacement therapy in Regenerative Medicine”
11 Nov 2020


“Renal replacement therapy in Regenerative Medicine”

Thomas Geuens, Vanessa LaPointe and Clemens van Blitterswijk from MERLN Institute of Maastricht University have published the paper “Overcoming kidney organoid challenges for regenerative medicine” discussing the recent advances and remaining challenges for kidney organoids to become successful in regenerative medicine.

“The use of kidney organoids derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells bear the potential to be used as a regenerative medicine renal replacement therapy. Advances in developmental biology shed light on the complex cellular regulation during kidney morphogenesis in animal models resulting in insights that were incorporated in the development of groundbreaking protocols for the directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to kidney endpoints. Moreover, further optimization efforts to improve three-dimensional culture techniques resulted in the creation of kidney organoids. Before they can find their way to the clinic, there are critical challenges to overcome. Here, we will discuss recent advances and remaining challenges for kidney organoids to become successful in regenerative medicine. An innovative combination of tissue engineering techniques with more refined insights in the developing human kidney will ultimately lead to more mature and functional kidney organoids suitable as renal replacement therapy for patients with chronic kidney disease.”

We would like to congratulate the authors for this publication and especially for their work within RegMed XB’s Kidney Moonshot, which aims to develop a sustainable cure for kidney-related chronic diseases using regenerative medicine.

To learn more on what promises to be a new chapter in kidney-related research, read the full article by clicking below.

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