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  • RegMed XB Showcased in Local Newspaper for Successful First Annual Conference on Regenerative Medicine in Leiden
27 Jul 2023


RegMed XB Showcased in Local Newspaper for Successful First Annual Conference on Regenerative Medicine in Leiden

RegMed XB prominently featured in Leidsch Dagblad, a Dutch local newspaper, following the resounding success of its first annual conference on regenerative medicine. The conference, held in Leiden, gathered leading researchers, experts, and stakeholdersfrom the field of regenerative medicine, shining a spotlight on groundbreaking advancements and innovative approaches in the domain.

RegMed XB 1st Annual Conference
RegMed XB, an initiative aiming to revolutionize regenerative medicine through collaborative efforts, hosted the conference on June 29 and 29 at CORPUS. The event brought together renowned scientists, industry leaders, and patient advocates, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and collaborative breakthroughs.

The conference provided an opportunity for RegMed XB to share its vision and milestones in transforming regenerative medicine research into effective and accessible treatments for patients. Dr. Bernard Mulder, the CEO of RegMed XB, expressed immense gratitude to all the attendees and emphasized the significance of collective efforts in advancing regenerative therapies.

The importance of regenerative medicine
Aging and changing lifestyles lead to a rapid increase in the number of chronically ill and care-dependent people. This leads to pressure on our current healthcare system: healthcare is becoming expensive and labor-intensive.

Regenerative Medicine (RG) can be an answer to these challenges. With (sustainable) RG solutions, patients can be cured of chronic diseases in the future, while long-term treatments are now required. In short, an improvement in the quality of life. There is a need for these solutions all over the world, which means that RG also offers enormous economic opportunities. As more RG therapies become available, they will replace more traditional treatments and long-term care, taking over a larger share of this global market.

RegMed XB revolutionizing healthcare
RegMed XB (REGenerative MEDicine crossing Borders) connects RG top clusters in the Netherlands (Leiden, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Maastricht) and Flanders (Leuven) in a joint innovation program with a thematic valorisation team, (pre-)seed funds and pilot production infrastructures that are aligned and accessible to the entire sector. In RegMed XB, companies, health funds, governments and academic research teams in the Netherlands and Flanders join forces within Moonshots: large-scale projects to develop RG solutions for major patient needs. Currently there are 4 moonshots (kidney, diabetes, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular). RegMed XB has succeeded in connecting, empowering and providing the RG sector with resources to develop and bring these solutions to the patient. 

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