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17 Jun 2024


Highlights from the RegMed XB 2nd Annual Conference 2024

The 2nd Annual Conference on regenerative medicine hosted by RegMed XB culminated in a highly successful gathering and attracted nearly 200 attendees. Held on June 12th and 13th in Maastricht, the event provided a platform for experts, researchers, industry leaders and policy makers to convene, exchange insights, and explore the latest advancements in regenerative medicine.

Connect. Innovate. Accelerate.

Throughout the conference, a prevalent theme underscored the paramount importance of collaboration among all the stakeholders. Speakers reiterated the significance of interdisciplinary teamwork in driving progress in regenerative medicine. By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, stakeholders can accelerate advancements and address challenges associated with the development and implementation of regenerative therapies.

Bernard Mulder, General Director of RegMed XB, underscored this importance, stating,

"Events like the RegMed XB Annual Conference play a vital role in fostering collaboration. By bringing together diverse stakeholders within the regenerative medicine ecosystem, we collectively pave the way for breakthroughs."

Innovations in Regenerative Healthcare

Throughout the conference, we discussed the process of translating fundamental innovations into solutions for patients. From the initial stages of knowledge generation to the ultimate goal of delivering effective cures, our discussions encompassed a broad spectrum of topics. We explored the critical role of valorization, the importance of international collaboration, the necessity of robust infrastructure, and the strategic planning involved in roadmapping towards impactful outcomes. Regional and national governments were acknowledged for their support, providing funding crucial for advancing regenerative healthcare solutions. Part of this support is the new subsidy scheme SRGO, which was detailed during the annual conference.

In addition to these discussions, we were honored to hear from esteemed speakers who shared their expertise and vision for the future. This exchange of knowledge and expertise is crucial for accelerating the development and implementation of effective solutions, with the goal of improving the lives of patients worldwide.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to all participants and contributors for their invaluable contributions to this event. And a big thank you to University of Maastricht, Health~Holland and Province of Limburg for powering the RegMed XB 2nd Annual Conference 2024!

For more detailed insights and summaries of what was discussed during the conference, check out our LinkedIn posts below. 

Morning day 1

Afternoon day 1

Wrap up day 1

Morning day 2

Afternoon day 2

Wrap up day 2

During the conference, beautiful photos were taken by the photographer Arend Jan Hermsen. You can view a selection of these photos below.

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