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  • High potential of renal organoids and tubuloids in the treatment of kidney diseases
20 Jul 2020


High potential of renal organoids and tubuloids in the treatment of kidney diseases

Researches from Hubrecht Institute and University Medical Center Utrecht, in collaboration with Radboud University Medical Center have recently published the paper “Kidney organoids and tubuloids” exploring the applications and challenges of these advanced in-vitro models.

The development of organoids and tubuloids opens a window to a wide array of new possibilities for fundamental research and medicine, by elevating scientists' understanding of kidney development, renewal, and repair processes. The fact that these organoids and tubuloids (also referred as “mini-kidneys”) are able to mimic in-vivo environments offer the researches a wide range of opportunities, like modeling developmental diseases, better comprehend congenital disorders, or test and predict the efficacy of novel treatments; at the same time that allows to carry out studies using human tissue in contrast to animal models.

Graphical abstract. Yousef Yengej, F.A.; Jansen, J.; Rookmaaker, M.B.; Verhaar, M.C.; Clevers, H. Kidney Organoids and Tubuloids. Cells 2020, 9, 1326.

“Organoids and tubuloids are widely used to model hereditary, infectious, metabolic, toxic and malignant diseases affecting the glomerulus or tubular nephron. The results are exciting and warrant extension to many more renal diseases”, explains Fjodor Yousef Yengej on his paper.

We would like to congratulate the authors for this publication and especially for their work within RegMed XB’s Kidney Moonshot, which aims to develop a sustainable cure for kidney-related chronic diseases using regenerative medicine.

To learn more about what promises to be a new chapter in kidney-related research. Read the full article by clicking below:

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